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    I went from Mumbai to Kerala by train. About six years ago now, so can't really help on details but it was a nice journey. But budget airlines are really cheap. Last time I flew. Not as characterful, but a fuck of a lot quicker.

    Spend a couple of days in Panaji - capital city of Goa. I absolutely love it. It's like a Mediteranean town dropped in India. I stayed at the Alfonso Guesthouse first time I stayed - basic but insanely friendly. Then at the Panaji Inn the next time - really nice.

    Pachyderm Palace in the hills to the north of Kerala was unbelievable. Nicest people, right next to a really quiet nature reserve, surprisingly untouristed. Saw elephants in the wild. That was cool.

    Also stayed at a vaguely expensive but absolutely beautiful boutique place in the middle of the forests in inland Goa. Quiet. Really, really nice for a few days. Let me know if you're interested and I'll dig out the details.
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