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    I translated a bit from a Danish interview for you here, I hope this will calm everyone down a bit. I playtested a couple of levels a couple of months ago, and it feels right to me, so far.

    It all depends on how high demands you are asking of yourself. Though Hitman: Absolution will be easier to go to than the previous Hitman games, you can still challenge yourself by going after a completely "clean" and quiet playthrough. All level designers must be able to prove that their levels can be completed without needing to kill any other than the target. And if you get discovered, it is not the end of world. Where the earlier games were very binary - either you were discovered or you were not - this time it's much more gradual. Guards will investigate further before they sound the alarm. And are you found out, you can clear the witnesses out of the way before they escape, so your disguise still good enough.

    But if you want to get completely unseen through a level, it requires almost perfect play. "We know we have a very strong and loyal fanbase, and they are usually very hardcore, " says Blystad. "So one of the things we are very focused on is to make the game even more hardcore in certain areas, so there will be a lot of replay value. Each part of the game must able to be played through in several ways, and on a very personal way for hardcore fans . We believe that we have something for everyone - our spectrum is much broader than before. "
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