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    I'm not too sure how far you are in the game, but so far, do you think a suit only run would be possible in this? I want to do so ontop of my Purist run.

    How are you finding disguises? Or are you depending more on taking cover? I struggle on normal and can only imagine the hell it causes on Purist.

    That does sound like a good contract. Thanks!
    I'd imagine a suit only run would be exceptionally difficult if you planned to sneak around unseen given some of the levels I've played so far! I do reckon however, you could do it if you decided to just go in guns blazing, which is always one of the viable - though much less desirable - options in Hitman! I wouldn't be surprised if at some stage we see an 'uber gamer' somewhere who will post Youtube videos showing sneaky awesomeness doing a silent run in the suit!

    How am I finding disguises? Almost essential in places! The more I've played this Hitman the more I think the mechanic of having similar suited individuals on a level be suspicious of you is quite a clever bit of design, certainly more 'realistic' - if occasionally over sensitive. It allows you to easily breeze past people who aren't wearing the same garb, but creates a slightly more tense atmosphere when you start to see people wearing what you've got on, you start to very quickly skirt around a level desperately trying to avoid them!

    Using cover is essential too, it's one of the things that helped me get Silent Assassin ratings on a few of the levels! There are also some levels that allow you to 'hide' in plain view; like reading a menu, standing by a slot machine, mopping a floor etc. Enemies that may have 'spotted' you and are following you around before elevating their threat levels to 'recognising you as a threat' can be put off the scent by using 'hide' (if it's available in an area) - it certainly helped loads when trying to leave the Train Station level on Purist!
    Yeah, I noticed that too. To begin with when I was disguised I never used to hide, just use instinct when people spotted me, but having played the mine level last night and hiding while wearing a disguise it mad ethe whole things a lot easier.
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