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    @ZizouFC That's one thing I don't like as well. It's like the game is punishing you for playing the game how you want and should be playing it. It's fun to use creating and environmental kills but if you do you get marked down, which actively disuades you from having fun.

    I haven't taked a gun out and shot anyone other than a target throught my whole playthrough yet. I've mainly been choking out guards and hiding them to not take a big hit on the score. If you get spotted or go for a run and gun you have virtually have no chance of completing the level and you'll end it with a minus score if you do.

    There is one bit in the Dexter Manufacturing level where you get a silenced sniper rifle and a hint shows a snipers perch from where you can take out a bunch of guards on a bridge but as soon as you try this your score bombs with each kill.
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