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    This is just entertaining enough to have kept me playing so far.

    It genuinely feels like they made an entire game out of the awful Blood Money tutorial level. If it wasn't for the very occasional flashes of brilliance I'd have sacked it off entirely.

    Other bizarre choices the developers have made:

    FOV locked at 50 or something.
    Checkpoint system.
    Removed bullet penetration.
    Removed the map.
    Removed the first person view.
    Removed the equipment selection and briefing phase.
    Ruined the inventory system.

    I just don't understand why the hell they'd do any of it. They took a great formula and fucked with a bunch of stuff which both set the franchise apart from its competitors and which worked perfectly well in the first place.

    RIP Hitman!

    I mean why the fuck are half the levels about running away from the police?? Why the FUCK am I collecting fuses???

    I've just marched through the orphanage bit and shot everyone up with dual SMG's because the only other way I'll get to try the (hopefully) better levels later on is to have a painfully slow, massively frustrating and utterly shit crouch-walk-a-thon past the guards.

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