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    Ok, I'm on the Attack of The Saints level, and I was looking forward to this as the sexy killer nun hit squad looks like a fun idea but the level is broken imho.

    The agency soldiers can recognise you far too quickly, quicker than in other levels and it seems almost instantaneous. Not only that but there are some areas that if you don't move past them quickly the guards never move, even with distractions, such as the room you start in. There are no alternative routes out of that room/floor so if you are not quick at the start of that level you've screwed it up.

    I got so fed up with having to restart that level when it descended into a shoot out I just rode it out and killed everyone. Such a shame as I wanted to try and go the stealthy route but with far too many enemies, no alternative routes to help with stealth, and the fact that the enemy can spot you far too quickly even on normal settings I'm not sure I have the patience to try a stealth run through on that level.

    They seriously need to release a patch that addresses how quickly you get spotted in this level and to move the enemies about a bit rathe than having some of them fixed to an area.
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