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    DUFFMAN5 wrote:
    Well that was great...Just got a game crash on the epilogue, and the game has wiped ALL data! from the start screen (after reboot) it tells me a save file is "damaged and cant load" so that is that.
    Fucking great. I will watch the epilogue on youtube then. What a pain in the arse. Not happy at all.
    Ouch! Sorry to hear that Duff, especially as you were one of the few genuinely enjoying the game on this thread :-(. It's not often we see you get riled on this forum, but that sounds like a huge load of wank! I seriously hope I don't stumble into that bug as it would massively put me off the game too, especially after trying damn hard to complete a handful of the levels on Purist difficulty at Silent Assassin rank!

    Anyway, I hope Far Cry 3 is kinder to you!
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