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    darkmorgado wrote:
    Rodriguez wrote:
    I'm in a factory with a crazy scientist exploding pigs with land mines!? Bonkers! Any tips from anyone for fun kills in this area?
    Ah, you're on Death Factory. Fucking love that level.

    Some things to think about:

    If you can see clearly through all the noise coming from the speakers, you might be able to get the drop on the guy.

    Never mined pulling his leg, he hasn't got one. Can he be armed instead?

    Product testers shouldn't get so much enjoyment out of their job. Grass him up by pushing all the right buttons.

    Some people need a helping hand along the road to scientific progress and the sweet smell of success, otherwise they'll spend their lives on rails.
    Ha, nice! Think I've got the grasp of a few of those cryptic points you've made there dark... should be a good one! Favourite levels so far are Shaving Lenny and Chinatown.
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