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    darkmorgado wrote:
    DuvaDan88 wrote:
    What the hell! I've just turned it on to tick of some challenges and my save file is corrupted. Lost expert play through (about half way) all the challenges I've done all gone 84 I think, everything apart from the contract stuff. Why has this happened?

    I'm considering get rid now not playing it all again I sunk a lot of time into it and have others to play. What a good waste of time that was.
    Ouch! Bad news.

    Has there been any official acknowledgement of this issue yet? Seems to be worryingly common and I know they've stated to adress the suspicion imbalance. Dont know if theyve said anything about the other concerns and personally I'd say corrupted saves should take priority.
    DUFFMAN5 posted a link a few pages back to a site that questioned Square Enix/IO on the issue. They said it was their 'no.1 priority' to fix the save bug asap. Sadly, knowing the speed at which the console manufacturers allow patches to be released, it could be a little while before there is a fix! Hopefully they're already at the 'certification' stage now!

    Anyway, I'm in the R&D lab of the factory now - just got a scientist target to set his head on fire testing a baldness cure :lol:! Was pissing myself, it was funny as fuck!
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