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    I see there is a PR clusterfuck that is now going down with this game: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/12/04/hijinks-square-say-threaten-hits-on-your-friends/

    Classy! Especially the bit about wanting to kill someone because their tits are too small. A problem we can all relate to, no doubt...
    I'm fairly sure they intended to briefly offend people then take it down immediately in order to invoke some kind of controversy and reaction, and thereby draw attention to the game.
    And strangely just before Christmas and during the shopping window.

    What are they playing at, eh? ;)
    They need to think about sacking the entire PR department at Squenix. TRR, nuns, now this. Fucked up that this stuff sells.
    Oh for fucks sake, just read this news /0\

    Yeah..... you have to wonder who the hell creates these things in the first place and then what moron/s sanctions them. It really puts the games they're trying to promote into a bad light (I don't accept that any/all press is 'good' press) and reflects poorly on the industry as a whole from the devs to the gamers.

    I wouldn't normally wish anyone to lose their job, but these jokers are taking the piss now and seem to be morbidly obsessed with aggressive behaviour towards women in particular in order to sell a few games... it's not cool.

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