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    Oh man - I hadn't realised I was having to put up with a "gimped" version.. guess I must have been dreaming when I was having all that fun with the game :(

    Jesus. I hate to do this, but.. listen, kids. The complaints are shitting up the thread. Capcom's business decisions have nothing to do with how good a fighting game SFxT is - and to be honest, it looks like it's going to be a good one! It seems to strike a great balance between SFIV's careful footsies and MvC3's utter madness. The fact that there is content locked on the disc makes absilutely no difference to my enjoyment of the game. Furthermore, the netcode is great - better than SFIV and MvC3's in my personal experience - and I don't even notice the sound issues any more.

    I'm not putting my head in the sand and saying "EVERYTHING IS WONDERFUL" - but I guess I would just like to see thread updates that aren't folks bitching about stuff that doesn't have anything to do with the game itself.

    At the end of the day, if Capcom need to sell the DLC characters in order to fund future fighting game projects then I am absilutely fine with that, as so far their resurgence has produced some pretty incredible games.

    (end rant)

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