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    Kostabi wrote:
    If you're lucky you might not get picked. If you're not lucky you do get selected then you've just got to hope it's about something interesting. Sadly most trials are dull as dishwater.

    Nah. Totally disagree. If you're unlucky you won't get picked. Sitting in a trial isn't all that interesting. Sitting about doing eff all for a fortnight is unbelievably dull. I did two weeks, got two trials. One was upsetting but interesting, the other was like a comedy sketch - the biggest waste of time and money ever, full of half-arsed smackheads and bickering, all over the most trivial charge. Both of them were better than the days I had to sit around waiting to be called (or not be called...).

    Jeans and a smartish t-shirt or a shirt will do you fine. Take a book / PSP / whatever. There were people who just sat about staring into space for days on end while waiting to be called. I managed to get through about three novels over the course of the fortnight.
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