#6417408, By Shivoa The **OFFICIAL** Starcraft 2 Thread

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    From what I've read SC2 is an MMO in login structure. There is no offline mode, there is no game when not on B.net (although if it is already running I don't think it does an Ubisoft and quits your SP game because it can't ping, you just lose achievements). Everything is syndicated to the cloud and local content is authenticated against that server.

    *Loads game to confirm thoughts*

    Ok, I am wrong. On the login page, when you run the game, there is an 'Enter as Guest' button. This creates a new local-only user with no achievements, no online access, and no access to save games created by an online enabled user (your standard logged into B.net, cloud synced profile) which can play through the SP campaign.

    So if you're already into the campaign with your B.net profile it might be worth trying to locate a more reliable internet (we're talking occasional save game transfers and IM pings, if you can tether a 3G phone you're solid and unless they're done something weird with the coding then it shouldn't cause lag in the SP game) or doing some more searching into how to decrypt (if they've been nasty with the local saves) or at least transfer them to a new offline profile.
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