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    RetardStrong wrote:
    Huh, I'm currently 46th place in my platinum division, I don't quite get it though. It shows a hundred players in my division yet I'm constantly playing people who are not in my division, so I'm thinking it must be players from gold league or something.

    I thought the matchmaking wasn't about your division but more your ranking.

    So you have a hidden number which is how good you are. This number is built on your previous games and the ranking of those players you played with/against. You get different ones for each grouping (1vs1 and 2vs2 have their own number, obviously the 2vs2 number is harder to work out as it also computes how much your team-mate and their number changed how the game played out, but basically they're not linked to each other). The leagues and divisions are to give you a value idea of where you are and give you impetus to try and fight up. The division is just you and 99 other randoms from your league grouped together so you can see your progress against some actual people. It is listed by your hidden player ranking.

    To move up or down a league you have to get your hidden score up to reasonable for the transition area and then win some games in the higher leagues to prove your worth, so it isn't a case of just pushing your ranking up and getting over the crest; you have to make a serious inroad into that higher graded play for it to promote you. The matchmaking is all about finding free players so sometimes you'll not be matched up against a Gold (if in Silver) for a while as no-one suitable is searching when you look and this will put any promotion on hold even if you're consistently beating similar players and so your ranking is going up behind the scenes.

    But as divisions are just random grouping it doesn't actually tell you anything and there is no real likelihood of playing directly against someone else in it. When you play a game against a similarly ranked player then there are thousands who are your league but not your division and only 99 who are, so chances are you'll be playing all your matches against non-divisional rivals. It also means you can get to #1 in your division by being the highest ranked of the 100 but not be at the real sharp end of the league rankings or not have a particularly good record when playing games against the next league above players and so you'll never get promoted, even if you can still stay #1 in that division.
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