#6441787, By Shivoa The **OFFICIAL** Starcraft 2 Thread

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    Move the camera and grab some keybinds that activate special powers (different weapons). Lock those special powers so you have to walk over a gun to get the scripting to enable that weapon. Build some ammo counters from generic integers and wire it into the mana/energy system if you can't build the entire ammo concept from scratch (make proxy units with non-regenerating energy to make a counter for each weapon carried if you do have to hack that system).

    The arcade, top down shooter in the canteen in campaign (Lost Viking) is 'just a custom map'. That is just using the scripting tools on top of the SC2 engine. They've also shown a SC: Ghost style third person shooter mock up and said the tools are totally up to building this.

    Edit: SC2 isn't even that special in my book. UDK (the free/indie Unreal Engine tools which people are making full games with) [link=http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/DevelopmentKitFAQ.html#Licensing">doesn't come with source code access. The current Unreal Scripting language and tools (along with access to shaders and other art assets sometimes mislabelled as code assets) are all you get. People can
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