#6443361, By Shivoa The **OFFICIAL** Starcraft 2 Thread

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    I still don't feel like I'm ready for online. Decided to try some Zerg and I can beat the medium AI apparently (gg'd two times I wasn't disconnected during the game - crappy internet is being crappy) but I feel like I'm being too slow and not fully utilising all the things I can do (and this on Slow/Normal speed rather than the faster ones) and have no idea how I can speed up my play. I just don't feel like there is enough time to do everything taht needs doing. Queen spawns more lavae; spread the creep; keep on top of Overlord and Drone production; make sure the mix of units you have is right; decide where to go with new structures to expand your army. It's all too much man! Next thing I know I've got 2000 spare minerals, I'm cash strapped for gas because I forgot to get my extractors mined on my expansion, and any human enemy would be marching into my base with their big army rather than letting my small speed zerglings take them out en route.
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