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    Metalfish wrote:
    Aren't "cheesy" tactics in games often high-risk, relatively easy strategies that absolutely fall apart at higher levels of play?

    /Doesn't own SC2 but is interested in the parlance

    The only example I've experienced of the above I can reference is blood-mancers in Diablo2 suddenly shitting themselves once they get to Hard mode.

    Because SC/SC2 is such a heavy economy based RTS, if you're not constantly building a new SCV/probe for the first 10-15 minutes of the game you're either a very high level player (Diamond) or new. Basically you need that scaling up of resources (each base operates at peak efficiency with 24 mineral SCVs and 6 on gas) to compete with the mid-game. Early build orders and tactics are all designed around how to build up enough of a harassment/defensive force to get a slight advantage in the early game that'll help swing your mid-game strategy. It's all about slotting in (finding the resources for) your base construction and army in the gaps between ordering new SCVs.

    Cheese is destroying your mid-game for a risky start that'll cripple you but might give you just enough of a window of advantage to win in a blitz move. I've seen plenty of people able to go 3 racks as their start with a totally sustainable economy, but the above build order seemed to say that you burn your economy and only build the odd SCV and focus on rushing the proxy racks and churning out the marines. It may work, especially against players who aren't that good (for example I may or may not have a queen and 6 zergs to burn you to the ground by the time your marines are starting to cause trouble, I can easily see me losing especially if I was going for a late pool or early speed) but you'll only rise so far in the ranks before you stop winning any games against similarly ranked players and you hit the good strategy wall.
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