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    Sharzam wrote:
    I am pretty terrible but if fancy a game let me know. I tend to play protoss but considering learning terran , as my forcefield use is non existing.
    I'll give you a game (I'm not great tbh, but really enjoy SC2). But I would avoid Terran - their huge weakness is turtling. Makes it quite difficult for Terran players to get out and expand. I'm being quite general but to me that's Terran's biggest weakness.

    I play Protoss (and Zerg when I feel like it) and with those 2 I usually expect anywhere between 3 and 5 bases per game (depending on how the game is panning out). When I played Terran initially, I would be happy to just have my home base and the expansion. Found it quite difficult to break out as a T player.

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