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    I'm going to have a whine about matchmaking if I may. Feel free to ignore me.

    I've got into the top 8 of my bronze league with Zerg and am now consistently being matched up against people who are in or have been in gold, diamond, even master league with the very occasional silver thrown in. The silvers I can handle losing against - I need to be able to beat them if I want to move up - but being wiped out by master league players is not helping me develop and is just losing me points. Why am I being matched up against players far beyond my own ability? 2-5 points is not a big loss, but every point counts.

    What also narks me is the fact that these people aren't yet in a league. They have history of being in these leagues but are yet to qualify themselves. In which case I'm either a) being consistently used as a easy opponent for people who are obviously beyond my skill in their ladder qualifying matches or b) playing a ranked ladder match against someone who could well be playing an unranked match themselves. Those are the only possibilities I can think of.

    ...and breathe.

    Feel a bit better now! Sorry all.
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