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    Architect_z wrote:
    I loved playing as Terran, I wish I could still play as them, but I find Terran too difficult. I'm much better as Protoss. I know exactly when to do stuff with protoss, whether with Terran, I find i'm making marines, marauders, medivacs and tanks, but then I never seem to get any units past that or tech up.
    Have no idea how to play as zerg
    It's worth learning how the Zerg play, could improve your Protoss strategies against them. In fact it's a good idea to learn (at least in unranked matches) how to play all 3 races.

    Early game play ofc is key to how you do in the rest of the game, something that I am finding a little difficult in HoTS. Hope to see more players in the Eurogamer group, seems rather deserted since it was created last week.
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