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    Right, rich yoofs in Sweden have been banned from spraying Champagne on each other. But being crafty little tykes they have come up with two new ways of showing Mr Average Income how much more they earn.

    "Sinking" Instead of ordering one bottle of Champagne and drink it (like some loser) you order two or three and have the waiter pour the extra bottles in the sink.

    "Binning" Walk in to a McDonald's and order 50 burgers. Then throw 49 of them in the bin. Hey presto; you are now eating the Hundred pound Big Mac.
    That is nothing short of digusting Seriously. The sort of people I genuinely wish semi-serious bodily harm (with permanent disabilites) on. Motherfuckers.

    They're kids phage. They're just testing the boundaries, bless em.

    Maybe it's intended to be some kind of Situationist-style stunt serving as some kind of criticism of capitalism?

    Or perhaps not.
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