#6969119, By costa_k Battlefield 3 (PC)

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    I'm afraid BF veterans will be massively disappointed with this game.I read the interview in the scan images posted elsewhere,there' s nothing that suggests that BF3 will be a worthy successor to BF2.Everything seems to be ''more accesible'' (= watered down).
    That's not what BF fans want.We want a massive and complex game with commanders,squads,interface that will use a keyboard's most buttons,medics instead of regen health and many other things in the good old BF tradition.
    Some think that there's a positive sign,the fact that PC will support 64 players.I disagree,6 years after BF2 that number should have increased.I was hoping for something like Joint Ops 150 player massive scale battles.
    Maybe it should be called BFBC3?
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