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    I will probably get the limited edition for the maps, cause I don't want to be on a server then get kicked because it switches to a map I don't have. Then again, I don't want to spend the extra cash and find only 1 in 10 servers runs those maps either....oh dear!

    As for different DLC depending on where you buy, Brink had that. I got my copy from play.com, but only because it was 5 cheaper than my other usual purchase haunts. So yeah, I don't care about any DLC except maps.

    Weapons/perks will never be the best ones available in the game because those who don't have/couldn't get it would flip out.

    Clothes, I really have to wonder what makes someone care about how their character looks, you don't even get to see yourself in a game, it's mind boggling. I always chuckle when I see people with the BF:BC2 skin pack running around. Great way to spend 5 ;o). Having said that, it is a nice way to support a company which released free map packs.
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