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    cianchristopher wrote:
    I just mean, there doesn't seem (to me) to be all that much of a change in BF3, apart from the brilliant graphics (but, BF:BC2 runs extremely well on my PC and I think it looks great).

    So, I just can't get excited about this, tbh. It looks like a prettier version of the same game I've been playing for years.

    I'd be inclined to agree. I haven't seen much that suggests great change. The animations look more fluid, the visuals are prettier and the single player looks to be more engaging. Multi player looks much the same and it is what I buy BF games for. The only reason I am excited about this game is because I want new maps. While I still enjoy playing the existing ones, a change of landscape/scenery wouldn't go amiss. This is why I had much respect when the VIP map pack (Oasis, Harvest Day etc) were released for free.
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