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    magicpanda wrote:
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    I have been trying to get people to play on my server for over a month now and it is really difficult. I hate the EA server browser!!! It never finds my server unless I search by name, even though I get the lowest ping times to it. It seems so lame to be directed to servers hosting the same games as mine, but with ping times that are so much higher.

    If anyone is interested in playing on a server devoted to adult (or mature, at least) gamers, the platoon is Grown-Up Gamers and the server address is The name changes, but it usually has "Grown-Up Gamers" in the title.

    Sorry for the shameless plug, but I'm really souring quickly of the hosting bit...
    Is this your server?

    Getting somewhere in the region of 160-170 ms looking at that.

    Hail to the ping, I generally won't join any servers over 50ms. Might be your problem.

    Edit: Ahh, Amerkin server. not much chance of recruiting BF3 players from here :)
    Yep, that's my server. I knew it was a stretch, and I agree about slow pings, but I will probably tolerate up to around 75 ms. I know there are a few folks living in America that frequent these forums, so I thought I'd give it a try.

    But consider this: Would you rather play on a local server with no cyber_nicco, or a distant one with him? Hmmm?
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