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    dsmx wrote:
    POE3 isn't happening devs have already said that they're moved onto other things now and they and every other mod maker in BF2 was fucked over by the rubbish mod tools they were given and BF3 has none.

    I loved that map with a passion you had building to building street fighting, tank battles, air battles. Having a battle in a town the size of karkland but getting all the countryside around it for tank and air battles, that map had something for everyone.
    :( Didn't realise the POE devs had ruled it out already.

    I'd expect mod tools for BF3 to be available eventually though. The DICE comments on the subject have seemed sufficiently vague as to entirely rule it out in the short term, but while possibly being open to it longer term, likely once all the planned dlc is over with.
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