#6421485, By Veracity Why are Star Craft II and Diablo III not coming to consoles?

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    PearOfAnguish wrote:
    How would you dumb down Diablo? Sit and watch while it plays itself?
    Dungeon Siege? Does Progress Quest count as a game? I dunno.

    You can't transparently put attack on a button and clone Diablo 2, though, unless all you ever play is melee classes. How are you going to shoot or otherwise cause to explode into giblets the shaman that keeps resurrecting all the mooks between you and him? Put target cycling on a stick click? But Diablo 2 is quite fast and heavily populated, more so than most of its imitators. You can make a control scheme that works - Sacred 2 illustrated that, leaving aside no one liking it - but it does introduce limitations. An analogue stick for scampering about and an accurate waggle pointer for targeting might work even better than the PC controls, though.

    b.net control, selling ten-year-old games and the fact you can get a PC out of a cereal box that'll run Blizzard games are probably the bigger factors. Are they looking to get a cut of any money made out of SC2 tournaments? They could probably buy the world in a couple of years if they do, assuming Korea doesn't just collectively laugh and keep using SC1.
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