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    silentbob wrote:
    I really don't understand the hate for gymkhana
    Ain't played Dirt 3, and can speak only for myself, but my general problem with that sort of thing - most notably the drift events that seem to be creeping in everywhere - is that it's exhibition driving, not racing, and I was after a racing game, although you can perfectly well argue nothing on the box says that's all the game is. Specifically to Codemasters games, it doesn't help that their physics are fairly eccentric, which is easier to manage if your only priority is speed, but becomes more of a pain when you're trying to do fiddlier stuff. I don't necessarily hate this sort of thing, but given I'd usually rather not be bothered it does seem sort of self-evident to me that it should be well segregated from the go faster bits, like darts in Flatout.

    I do think gymkhana makes at least a bit more sense in context for the reasons you covered, though - indirectly, it serves much the same purpose as training exercises in Richard Burns Rally or GTR2. Drifting, I think must just be a conspiracy perpetrated by tyre manufacturers. No right-thinking person actually wants to watch it.
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