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    I'd also like to point out that a large proportion of those 65% of female public sector workers are probably in a relationship in which both partner's incomes go towards a joint household income, in which case both sexes will suffer as a result of the cutbacks. Or what about the businesses that will suffer as less women have money to spend? Has anyone worked out whether those secondary victims are male or female. Or the businesses that supply those businesses?

    Or you could more simply argue that all the tax cutbacks we're all facing will, due to the very nature of the flow of money throughout society, ultimately spread evenly throughout the entire population and in the long-term, we'll all be affected in the same way, regardless of whether women are initially hit slightly more than men or vice-versa.

    My point being that the economy is such a complex beast interwoven in to society that a change in any one person's income ultimately affects thousands of other people's incomes, so whoever gets hit first will become irrelevant over time.
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