#6434296, By Shivoa So, anyone else going to university this September?

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    bangladeshgamer wrote:
    Im thinking about doing a computing course from the open university. If they accept my completed credit gained from years back, I will try and do the 2nd and 3rd levels only

    Im 26 now and I don't want to go back to university and definitely prefer to study from home

    Anyone here doing a course from the OU?

    I've done a few OU CompSci courses a few years back. Can't say I was that impressed with the quality of teaching or module syllabus but then I'm not a huge fan of distance learning in that form (some face to face lectures that often just repeat something basic for an hour and waste time with travel time to attend, 'books' printed for the course rather than using recommended texts from major authors/publishers, mixed cont assessment of varying mark scheme quality with exams that seem to be about parrot education rather than testing knowledge) and my heart wasn't totally in it with full time job at the time taking up most of my drive.

    Since then I've done modules from the British Computing Society (just paid pennies for exam enrolment and so was left to my own devices to learn from the syllabus and past papers resources open to all, no idea about the quality of their actual course teaching) who accredit the CompSci/SoftEng degrees that Unis (and the OU) offer so their own internal exams are often viewed with reasonably high regard (despite being mainly aimed at the foreign market). details

    Completing the Certificate in IT and having just done two of the 4 modules required for the Diploma is what I leveraged to get offers to go back to Uni for this Autumn (applying for the 2nd and final year entry into courses rather than starting from the first year).
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