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    I think the series did the opposite of what it set out to do.. I mean the "peasants" did come off as more stupid, selfish, prejudiced, rude and generally dislikeable than the "upperclass" girls...I doubt that's what the programme makers had intended really...

    Also, why did they make the rich girls work whilst in Peckham? From what I remember, their "peckham sisters" didn't work (bar the dance teacher), and the narrator keeps on mentioning the extremely high unemployment rate in the area, so why make the rich girls work? I thought they were supposed to be getting a realistic experience of what peckham life is like? So in general that wouldn't have been cleaning toilets, it would have been watching Jeremy Kyle and doing not much else...

    Edit - Also, I don't really like the 'tone' of the show, it basically seems as if they're trying to take the piss out of wealthy people just for the sake of it, I doubt they'd do it the other way around and send a peckham girl to the cotswolds (or wherever) for the rich people to take the piss out of the way they talk/dress/live, etc, no because that would be "un-PC" , innit blud.
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