#6436124, By Zamn10210 4850 v GTX 460 (it's not as stupid as it sounds)

  • Zamn10210 7 Aug 2010 20:15:13 75 posts
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    So I'm going to buy a new (cheap) gaming PC and after much deliberation I've settled on this one. The only thing left for me to decide is whether to stick with the standard HD 4850 512MB or fork out an extra 65 for a GTX 460 768MB.

    I know that the 460 is way faster but the CPU isn't that hot on that thing (Athlon II X4 635 @2.9GHz) and I worry that I'll be CPU limited anyway. So will I get bang for my buck or am I better off taking the 4850 and possibly upgrading in a year or two?
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