#6439837, By Shivoa 4850 v GTX 460 (it's not as stupid as it sounds)

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    Link to HowTo 101 video of putting a PC together and how simple it really is. It sounds a bit daunting but computers are built like Lego, only far less easy to get it wrong. Seriously, Lego offers serious chances to be wrong, building computers does not.

    Engineers have this cool idea (spelling may vary) of ok pokey. Basically building connectors so there isn't a wrong way. They only fit the one way: expansion cards only slot into the right slot as the others are the wrong shape; square processors have a notch on one corner so they can only fit the right way round despite looking like you could mess it up; RAM can only go one way as a notch 2/3rds down them mean they won't mate when you try backwards. It basically means if it fits then you've done it right.
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