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    They should far more heavily encourage University. Get rid of any brain drain to other countries or the commercial sector for the first few years of brilliance for the young gifted. We want the patents and research they do 18-2x to be owned by the state/Universities.

    We should not pay for courses or students who have no reason to be at University. There should be a recreated Polytechnic system where vocational qualifications are taught to people who require skills beyond A-Level tier before they can safely go into the commercial sector and compete with the existing work-force. Ok, some can be done with on-the-job apprenticeships but I suspect there is a decent market for workers education that would support institutions. A loan system similar to the current one would allow funding and a relatively low expense (I certainly do not expect all former students kicked from the Uni system by the change to excellence or GTFO to need this formal vocational training, it would also be a good idea to get some funding from the industries into which the courses feed by offering the pick of graduates and some tailoring of courses to best suit the company needs).

    Of course, the whole thing is a mess and going for this 50%+ of people should get a Uni place after school is running in the wrong direction and has been for some years.

    Anyway, enough trolling on my part.
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