#6440940, By kupocake Cancelled games you still want to play

  • kupocake 10 Aug 2010 00:58:09 125 posts
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    That modern-day Thief reboot that got washed up dead on the shores of gaming news a bit ago actually sounded like an interesting idea. As happy as I am that Garret's adventures will shortly continue, they were already nicely capped off.

    Hell, if Thief "Modern" got made, the mainsteam press would even leave Rockstar alone for a week.

    edit: For clarity's sake, it's worth mentioning that the concept was barely weeks old when Ion Storm croaked.

    edit 2: Also from the world of things that never actually existed, I want my 'cancelled' System Shock 3, or better still, I want the hand of the hack who jumped to conclusions after overhearing the words 'science fiction survival horror' whilst touring EA Redwood Shores. Dead Space ended up far too similar to Shock 2 to have ever been its sequel.
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