#6441473, By Hypatiently Are you a "nice guy"?

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    Quite often a woman will say you're too nice simply because she doesn't fancy you enough. I think this is something which is overlooked.

    Precisely. She doesn't want to hurt your feelings or risk that you aren't actually a nice guy but in fact one of the "Nice Guys".

    So I'm not really "Nice" at all, I'm just ugly?!?!

    Not ugly. I think women have a more specific taste. Show 100 men a hot woman and they'll all like her. Show
    100 women a hot man and it'll require 100 different men. Johnny Depp and others are the few exceptions. As I understand it, women tend to go for a type/look rather than an actual set of physical characteristics - which is exactly what men do to determine physical attractiveness.

    No you aren't ugly you just aren't attractive to her right now for whatever reason. The same way you aren't attracted to everyone you meet.
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