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    LionheartDJH wrote:

    Well because in my opinion they're simply milking the Bioshock name now. I loved the first game but feel quite indifferent towards the second, and althought this one sounds sort of interesting it really doesn't sound like it has much to do with Bioshock at all, and seems to me as though they're only using the name because of its recognition.
    That's fair enough. Although, you could say that if anyone can put Bioshock in the title it's this team. Visually and theme wise, it's a hell of a departure, it's no wonder they didn't want to do B2. I suspect there'll be more of a link than we've been lead to believe so far. Using the name probably made sense from a promotional point of view.

    This quote from the preview is a bit of a tease...

    "...a gigantic winged gryphon, leaping from building to building, a black silhouette even in the sunlight, except for one telling detail: his eyes are glowing, barred, bathyscape portholes, exactly like a Big Daddy's helmet."
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