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    Ok, I recently posted this on another thread but I feel it's more appropriate here. These are my thoughts based on 2 hours and 30 minutes with the game so far:

    I was lucky enough to have my copy of Bioshock Infinite drop through the postbox yesterday morning (thank you Simply Games!) so I'm currently playing it non-stop. I'm actually dumbfounded as to how they've managed to fit such a beautiful and ambitious game on current gen systems. The colourful graphics, the scope, the animations, enemy A.I, voice acting - all of them are top drawer. I'm not even half way through yet but this is already my current GOTY.

    To anyone looking forward to Bioshock Infinite on Tuesday, take it from me, you are in for a truly breathtaking ride. It has lived up to every ounce of promise so far.

    ADDITIONAL INFO: I have read a few people complaining about the combat not being great but personally I think it's excellent. I started the game on hard difficulty and the enemies intelligently work in teams to take cover, flank and directly attack me when appropriate. The weapons are also great to use although I have only managed to use 3 guns so far (pistol, machine gun and shotgun) and 3 Vigors (possess, fire and crow).

    I'm on console and performance-wise I haven't really seen any instances of frame rate drops. The game freezes for a few seconds every 15 minutes or so to load a new area but that only happens when there's no enemies around so at least it isn't obtrusive. There have also been a few instances of horizontal screen tearing towards the top of the screen but again, this hasn't severely impacted my enjoyment of the game at all. I suppose I'm just no too sensitive towards screen tearing as the game world really is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen in a game. Anyway, off to bed now so I hope that helped someone in making their decision on whether to buy it or not. (Hint: BUY IT!:D)
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