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    Got this on Saturday and it's brilliant, but I'm a bit stuck. Anyone who's got as far as the memorial field boss can you tell me how the shit to defeat her on Hard mode? I run out of ammo, salt and there's unlimited baddies, plus it takes ages to wear her down and every time I die she comes back with more fricking health
    Bumping this in case anyone can offer any tips :)
    It was a ridiculous difficulty spike even on Normal so I think you're on your own ;) The bad news is there's two more fights with her after that!
    Can't imagine doing it on 1999 mode! Very frustrating. The game up to this point has been amazing though, so it's just a bit of a speed bump. Crazy how the difficulty spikes here though.

    Curious as to how you defeated her on normal. Did you use Return to Sender to send her minion's bullets back at her or just keep shooting her with weapons?

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