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    Was genuinely excited playing this for the first time yesterday - i locked myself in my man cave, closed the curtains and bribed the mrs to go out with her friends by giving her my wallet.

    Like others are saying, i've got absolutely nowhere in terms of progress, i've just been walking around soaking everything in. If i remember correctly, i got up to the part where you fight the Fireman and get the Fire vigour.

    If i had flown through the game, avoiding everything and just getting from A to B as quickly as possible, i probably would have got to the fireman in about 20 minutes.

    However, because i spent so long soaking everything in, looking in every trashcan and barrel, picking up every silver eagle, etc, i think it took me about an hour and a half before i got to him!

    I was worried it wouldnt be as engrossing as the first game and i was worried that Columbia wouldnt be as fascinating as Rapture :

    I was wrong on both counts.
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