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    Got to say, i really loved the slow reveals the game did too in the first hour or so.

    You're walking around thinking "wow, what an amazing city" and everyone is friendly towards you and kids are playing in the street.

    Then, the first reveal slaps you around the face when you see the billboard which says the False Shepherd will bear the mark thats on your hand . Then, you get to the raffle, which you win, then they bring out the interracial couple and you realise "Oh, ok, thats why this place isnt perfect......"

    Their all racist as fuck!

    Then the way the game immediately switches from a nice wander around a beautiful city to a complete bloodbath, mashing that guards face up with the skyhook claw is quite shocking too.

    There has been more brilliance in the first hour or so of this game than most other games can squeeze out over 10+ hours......
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