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    ecureuil wrote:
    Sorry! I did say not to google it. :p It makes me extremely uncomfortable. The animation for undertow when giant holes open up on his hands made me absolutely nauseous and I had to stop playing for a few minutes. I really like the idea of the vigor but I just can't use it. Beehives don't bother me too much, for me it's more when it's on a person that I can't deal with it.
    I usually heed such warnings, but I was curious. Don't image search, I thought, just pull up the wikipedia page and learn what it is, what harm can come from that? Ohh it's just a funny little phobia about things with holes in, go on then what's the example image *click*... AAARGH! :)

    @caligari I got stuck on the scenery within the first half an hour and a couple of times since. I guess it's a pretty high frequency and low priority bug, but with a checkpoint save system like this you can get very unlucky.

    I'm actually really starting to like this game at last. I'm about 13 hours in, and the last few hours have been excellent (and not just excellent in terms of the sheer technical and artistic achievement of it all like the rest of it, I'm actually enjoying it now too).

    A lot of the earlier stuff I just found dull and full of half-baked and extremely heavy handed storytelling - especially the Hall of Heroes, which I thought was tacky and poorly executed story-wise, with dull repetetive gameplay to match. Why this is being lauded by some as a high point of the game I have no idea, other than the fact that aesthetically it's very accomplished in places, if totally lacking in atmosphere (IMO).

    The game's steadily improved for me though, and as the story has become more and more interesting so have the environments, with some incredibly atmospheric areas with loads of exploration opportunities and only sporadic bouts of combat, and now it's starting to feel like a -shock game. Just like the best bits of Bioshock, the best bits of this actually feel very System Shock-y (if considerably less foreboding thanks to the constant companion).

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