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    mcmonkeyplc wrote:
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    Hopefully have himself shot into the sun in a reinforced gold box.

    It was fucking shit.

    Yeah, it's a shame they couldn't have made some elaborate character-driven story, where the main protagonist has to make a heart-wrenching decision between his sweetheart or hi...

    No wait.

    Its not Shakespeare.

    Its a fucking alien attack movie with great effects for a $10 mil budget. ID4, for 2010. Nothing more and certainly nothing less.

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    Just cause it's an alien attack film doesn't excuse it from being shit.

    So what's your basis for comparison then? What other alien attack movies are better than Skyline? War Of The Worlds? Independence Day? Signs?

    Jesus Christ, you do realize the bracket Skyline sits in, don't you? If Skyline is shit, what does that make Signs?

    Skyline is no worse and indeed no better than most if not all other similar movies out there. Rotten Tomatoes shows the movie scoring 30%'ish from the critics so far, yet at the same time and on the same page 75% of 12,000 people who watched it thought it was worth watching. Go figure.

    Bottom line is, if you enjoy alien attack movies Skyline will deliver the goods. Its not fantastic and its not shit. It just delivers an acceptable, fun experience for fans of the genre.
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