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    espibara wrote:

    Get of your high horse.

    Skyline was shite end of.

    It was an alien attack movie done badly, bad script, bad acting, terrible screen play, terrible ending all held togerther by some nifty looking FX but taken on the whole, IT WAS FUCKING SHITE.

    I think fans of the genre should expect more for example Battle LA looks so much better.

    Why am I on my high horse? Because I'm trying to conduct a discussion without ranting in CAPS?

    Nah, it wasn't FUCKING SHITE. It wasn't even shite. If my bird came out of watching Skyline with the comment "It was all a bit silly but I liked the effects", then that tells me the movie isn't shite. She's the biggest critic of 'my' movies that i've ever known. If it was shit, she would have said it was shit no question.

    No, what we have here is a bunch of EG forumites over-egging things for kicks. See its the easy route to jump in and start shouting ITS FUCKING SHITE, because well then you're in the gang aren't you?

    You want to know what actually is FUCKING SHITE? Syfy and horror channel alien attack movies. Transmorphers, War Of The Worlds: Second Wave, The Day The Earth Stopped, all that kind of stuff. If you want to talk about shit movies, there you go. Skyline IS head and shoulders above those movies and if people would get off their highbrow 'reviewing', expecting something to be something its not then they'd appreciate whats in front of them a hell of a lot more.

    Skyline was never going to be anything other than an acceptable alien attack movie with great effects. Sorry if you can't see that, but its been right there in front of you via trailers and adverts for the last couple of months. If you went in expecting anything else then you're a fool.
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