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    I do find it staggering the amount of crap that goes on here lately, and how cliquey (god I hate that word) the forum feels sometimes. I'd like to reiterate that there IS an "ignore user" button and if people used this when others were getting up their nose rather than spiral into pages and pages of name calling and ganging up then it will be a rosier place. Obviously everyone isn't going to get along with everyone else, that's why that button exists. Exercise some self restraint and use it.

    Lastly if some of the people posting could step back a bit and read their daily contributions I'm sure they'd realise that half the things they submitted really didn't need to be said, and maybe then they'd realise how much of their life they're wasting getting angry at other forumites. It's all so unnecessary.

    That said, I obviously don't want to discourage people from posting. Use the forum. Read the site. Buy tickets to the Expo. Click the ads!

    Sorry if I sound like a teacher again.
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