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    ScrapMetalThief wrote:
    A guy posting a ranting fanboy comment upsetting PC gamers is likely to be banned on sight.
    Never seen that.

    A comment made to in the same manner aimed at PS3 or Wii U is deemed
    totally fine.
    Mods been telling people off in the WiiU thread.

    Oh and how many anti-christian or anti-american comments are made that everyone agrees with,
    Not many. Christianity tends to be a flashpoint for arguments with people on both sides.

    but anti muslim or anti-iran/africa/pakistan etc etc and people start screaming about ignorance and racism.
    Mainly because the posts made on those subjects generally are on those specific ocassions. There is a long standing, non-inflammatory thread taking a slightly critical approach to Iran that has been trundling along quite well. I can't recall any specific anti-Pakistan or Anti-Africa posts/threads.
    Then you have regs calling people cunts and being vile to new members, mods being cool with it, then when the new member is abusive back he gets banned for "being offemsive". It's a load of bollocks really.
    New people join all the time. Some stay around. Some are called cunts. Some aren't. This forum and it's membership doesn't owe you anything. Act in a way that winds up people who've been coming here regularly for years , you're going to get shit. Such is life.
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