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    See, I haven't really seen people go "you're a cunt, fuck off, hope you die" much at all really. It's something that this forum gets accused of a lot, but I think it's overstated. Some people just obviously don't get a long and that's established and historical and they throw shit each others way, but it takes two to tango. This isn't a couple's counselling service.

    Newcomers who do a "hello!" thread inevitably get called all kinds of stuff, but that really isn't meant maliciously, and is obviously in jest. If people can't take that kind of mucking about and expect everyone to greet them with open arms just because they've created a thread about themselves, then they're not going to get along anyway. That's just the way this forum is. I'm on another forum that seems to have multiple "hello!" threads a day (stargazers lounge) where everybody is super nice all the time, and that place is as boring and sterile as fuck and dull. If this place became like that, I'd be here a lot less.

    One thing this place does do far too much of is navel gazing. I think the above illustrates this. But we're not mean, really, generally. If you're read this far through this post you're a cunt.

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