#6460141, By QueenofSpain Stealing from communal work fridge

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    dutchspeededup wrote:
    QueenofSpain wrote:
    dutchspeededup wrote:
    Seriously guys, the more you do, (bags etc) the more people will realise it irritates you, and the more they will do it.

    Tell folk they can help themselves, spend £8 more a year on butter, and leave all this stress behind.

    Thing is I have no problem paying for the butter, the bit that pisses me off is that they always uses that last of the butter, leaving me none for my breakfast which means I am starving till 2pm which is about the time I get my Lunch. That's why I bought the big tub of stuff. (though it was a big tub of crap stuff with my butter behind it so they ate my nice stuff instead)

    (stupid phone double posting so deleted the second)

    Right, in which case you definitely needto change your approach. Tell people that they can share but not to finish it off. That's reasonable.

    If they do finish it off implement one of the more aggressive suggestions above. Personally I favour face stabbing, but I would caveat that by saying that that is my answer to everything.

    Equally, since people know I am partial to a nice face stabbing, they tend not to fuck with my spreads and condiments.
    Well I have tried the please leave me some note and it was ineffective, so I may lean towards the salaman approach. Be fun to find out what infection control think off that in the ward fridge hehe
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