#6476608, By young_money Should I buy Chrono Trigger

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    FortysixterUK wrote:
    Loved Chronotrigger from the day it was released in the US ( which is when I got it imported to play on my US Snes ). Having now got it on the DS, I have been thoroughly enjoying it, but totally forgot about the random difficulty spikes. So simply put, I'm a tad stuck at the moment. My general rule of thumb is when I hit an impassable bit in a game , I try once every other day or so until I get passed it and play something else in the meantime. To answer the question, YES, buy Chronotrigger

    i got it in 2000 for my 17th birthday, off ebay. was probably my 2nd import game after the first FFA i think. i remember my mates thought i was mad for spending over a hundred quid on a 5 year old snes game. which seemed a massive length of time then. now it's FIFTEEN years old and the battery backup still works, and the game looks and plays as great as it did back then. suppose i am playing it on a real 60HTZ import machine and not a converter now, and i have a 24 inch trinitron instead of a tiny portable so it is a far better play now than then even.
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