#9288397, By JoeBlade What religion are you?

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    NewbieZilla wrote:
    In any case, the best approach to the a/theism, a/gnosticism questions is to keep trying to find answers. And not to be content with poor answers. Where ever that brings one, we can hope it isn't too wrong.
    It's an honest question; I for one genuinely don't care whether there are answers to be found in the first place.

    If there's a god then there's a god. If there isn't then there isn't. If we find out someday then we do. If we don't then we don't.
    I don't feel in any way compelled to spend time pondering these matters; that seems entirely pointless and, well, frankly rather dull to me.

    Things just are and things just happen as far as I'm concerned. I really don't even care whether there is a "reason" to any of it.
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